About Us


Africa Family Rescue is a non-profit faith based organization designed to restore hope and dignity to families, communities and churches affected by extreme poverty in Africa.

Africa Family Rescue has 3 transformational goals for each project:

1. Family transformation through a 3 year family sponsorship program with a strong focus on health, education, housing a micro business development for self-sufficiency.

2. Community transformation through various projects including water well renewal, school and medical intervention and livestock distribution.

3. Church transformation through mission trips and partnerships in local African churches and their surrounding communities.



Melody and Ben Pahlow, a soccer mom and a computer geek, met a Rwandan refugee in a small library in the suburbs of Chicago in 2002.  They became enthralled by his story of survival in the Rwandan genocide and asked what they could do to help.  3 months later 220 family photos and bios were sent to their home in 2003 and it was then that they traveled to Africa to establish a nonprofit.  Driven by the desire to give ownership of the organization to Africans, the program was developed by Africans for Africans.

They have worked in Africa for almost 10 years in Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.  Their partnerships have helped build over 150 homes for widows and orphans, refurbished over 20 wells providing clean water, delivered thousands of animals, distributed over 5,000 life-saving mosquito nets, constructed a church and helping to establish micro businesses in nearly 700 families in and around Eastern Africa.


Africa Family Rescue is working in two small communities in Uganda.

Mukono is a community that is highly populated by witch doctors.  All churches have left the area except for one.  Nazareth Community Church has no roof and sticks for walls but that doesn’t stop them from serving the poorest of the poor.  Pastor Dan and his wife Susan help 17 orphans attend school even though they have a tiny income as a pastor and elementary teacher.  There are currently over 50 families waiting for sponsorship in this area.

Wakiso is a heavily established farming community that is exploding at the seams.  People are packed together and are beginning to fight over land to farm so they can provide enough food for their families.  Kisembi Church of Christ has a vision to bring hope and healing to their community through spiritual, educational and health transformation.  Pastor Jehosophat sacrifices his own income to build into the needs of the community.  There are currently over 50 families waiting for sponsorship in this area.


Africa Family Rescue believes that the local church is the hope of the world.  Through our partnerships in Mukono and Wakiso, we hope to bring wholeness to broken lives and communities.  We are looking for church partnerships in the United States or abroad that desire to impact individual families, churches and communities for Jesus Christ.  We are looking for individuals, small groups or Sunday School gatherings to help sponsor individual families who are desperately in need of food, shelter and basic health care for a 3 year commitment to self-sufficiency.