What is Sponsorship?




Family Sponsorship:

Sponsoring a family is an incredible opportunity to personally be involved in lifting a family out of extreme poverty and putting them on a path of self-sufficiency. This is a 3 year commitment and is a $73.00 tax deductible donation a month. This model was also developed by Africans for Africans. Most families are making less than $0.16 per day before they are sponsored. To become a family sponsorship partner contact Melody Pahlow at melody@africafamilyrescue.org to receive your family today!

Here is how your donation impacts families each year:


Selected families are so poor that many do not have food up to 3-4 days at a time, have almost no clothing, no mosquito nets, no cooking pots, no bedding, and most of the family has health care issues including malaria or AIDS. With this in mind, during year one, we use the sponsorship to focus on food, clothing, household items, and health. The family is trained twice a month by an AFR case worker to budget their new assistance based on the 80/20 principle which guides the family to live on 80% of their sponsorship, give 10% away, and save 10%. As a family sponsor you are like the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:34-35 who picks up one dying man from the ground, takes him to the doctor and walks with him until he is sure that he is on his feet again.


During the second year of sponsorship, the family is encouraged by their AFR case worker to put the children in school, make any urgent shelter repairs, purchase livestock, and begin planting their crops. Most of our families have been so poor that they have sold themselves as slaves, working for neighbors digging and farming. During the second year we partner with experts on rural farming and livestock breeding to allow the families to have the most success possible.


During the third year of sponsorship the focus becomes establishment of micro business for self-sufficiency. Throughout the entire 3 year process, families are told that the sponsorship will end in 36 months, and that their goal is to replace the monthly sponsorship money with their own business profits. During this last 12 months a family works diligently on utilizing savings to move into self employment. Some of the micro business ventures are bike taxis, agricultural sales, construction, barber, livestock sales, weaving, etc. One widow in Rwanda started with 2 bee hives, and by the end of her sponsorship she had 88 bee hives, earning herself the title “Queen Bee” in her community!



How to Sponsor a Family

Sign up below to immediately begin making a difference in someone’s life. Once enrolled, we’ll send your families profile, and soon after a photo of video of them receiving the wonderful news!  If you want to see the family first, contact us to see who is next in line on the list of most at-risk. If you have a particular calling (such as the elderly, or a person with a disability), contact us so we can assign you with the best fit.

African Family Support

The families we have identified are much like the man left for dead of the famous Bible story of the Good Samaritan, and passed by many “good people”. They are flat on their backs, in the ditch, with no hope anywhere to be found. We believe, just like the Good Samaritan, to help them back on their feet, walk with them, share our money with them, and help them become self-sufficient. That is what monthly sponsoring a family of a widow or orphan will do…bring self-sufficiency!

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